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Public input sought for Castle parks area planning

Albertans will have new opportunities to learn about the future of conservation and recreation uses for the Castle parks area. The province will hold a series of public information sessions and stakeholder meetings beginning March 8 and continuing in the coming months.


AOHVA’s Environmentally Responsible Solution

The AOHVA has a 4-point plan to ensure that past damage is corrected and not repeated in the future. By incorporating best practices from across North America and by implementing innovative approaches to developing, managing and sustaining shared trail networks we can make Alberta the model for conflict-free recreational trail development and management.


An Open Letter to Albertans

From AOHVA President, Brent Hodgson

In every jurisdiction where OHV activities occur, it is groups like the Alberta Off-highway Vehicle Association (AOHVA) who lead the way to promote safe, responsible and respectable vehicle use.


Provincial Government slams the door on Albertans’ outdoor pursuits Op-Ed by Brent Hodgson, AOHVA President

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The Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association, known simply as the AOHVA, was created over 30 years ago by a diverse group of off-road enthusiasts concerned about the lack of a united front to represent the interests of off-road motorcyclists and ATV riders throughout the province of Alberta. Since that time, the AOHVA has developed and maintained an on-going working relationship with the provincial government and local municipalities across the province.

The Alberta Off-Highway Vehicle Association is a key player in land access plans all around the province, and works with local area off-road clubs, other interested organizations, and government agencies to retain and maintain riding areas for current and future off-road motorcyclists and ATV and UTV (side by side) enthusiasts.

As increasing pressure is put upon our outdoor activity, it is very important that ALL off-road motorcyclists, ATV and UTV riders become part of the solution to create sustainable single track and multi-use trails throughout Alberta.

Membership in your local AOHVA affiliated club will help to ensure your opportunity to ride in Alberta.

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